Structural Services

Contact: Jennifer St. Ours

  • Analysis and Design for Residential/ Commercial Structures 
    – Field Frame Roof Systems 
    – Steel, Concrete and Timber Beams 
    – Lite-Deck and ICF Systems 
    – Tall Wall Design/ Wall Bracing
    – Foundation (Footings/ Walls/ Slabs) 
    – Retaining Wall Designs
  • Structural Evaluation and/ or Design for Existing Buildings
  • Foundation Certification for Modular/Manufactured Homes
  • Home analysis for refinancing in order to meet HUD regulations
  • Wood Member Repair Inspections

AlexCom’s professional engineering staff has extensive experience in creating original structural designs. Our skills and training also enable us to perform the analysis and design required to transform an unsafe condition into a structurally sound condition. Designs are typically modified or customized to meet our clients needs. Our staff works efficiently to meet these conditions and deadlines.