Geotechnical/ Laboratory/ Materials Testing Services

Contact: Jennifer St. Ours


  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Shrink-Swell Investigations
  • Analysis of Problem Soil Conditions
  • Analysis of Soil Related Foundation Failure
  • Design of Earth Retaining Structures
  • Special Inspections¬†
    (Structural Steel, Bond Beam, Wall Grout, Segmented Retaining Wall, etc.)

Laboratory/ Materials Testing:

  • WACEL Members Laboratory

AlexCom will customize our services to match the demands of each project. Our engineering staff excels in the analysis of problem soil conditions, providing solutions that account for both site and construction characteristics rather than standard “textbook” recommendations. When the Free Lance-Star wrote an article on shrink-swell investigations to determine potential soil (August 2, 2000), AlexCom served as their reference. We perform a large volume of shrink-swell investigations to determine potential soil characteristics that are integrated into custom foundation designs to prevent soil related structural damage. If damage has already occurred, then you’ll find that our personnel are some of the most experienced in the area providing wall bracing designs stabilizing homes throughout the region.

AlexCom offers our clients comprehensive analytical services with a full service in-house geotechnical laboratory. Our laboratory services include mechanical analysis, Atterberg limits, soil shrinkage testing, classification, moisture testing and pH testing.

Our field personnel are certified through WACEL with regular training by our engineering staff.

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